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Bethel-Supported Missionaries (Global)

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Isabelle Leaitch

Bible-Centred Ministries International, Spain

Isabelle has served with BCM in Spain since 1984.  She has a varied ministry to the Spanish people in the province of Segovia, north of Madrid.  Isabelle’s responsibilities include teaching adults at the Bethel Centre, administrative duties in the BCM office, teacher training in different churches in the area and camping ministries each summer.

Ken and Sue Vissers

Scripture Union, Honduras

The Vissers family serve in Honduras, where Ken is Director of Camping for Scripture Union, Honduras. The present focus at the camp is on leadership training, infrastructure development and outreach to the community. Ken and his wife, Sue, have three children — Josh, Hannah and Theo. The Vissers are currently living in Kingston for two years while their children obtain advanced schooling, and continue their ministry with Scripture Union in Honduras from Canada.

Tim and Brenda Noble

OMF International, Thailand

Tim and Brenda Noble (with sons Nate and Pete) are serving with OMF International in Thailand. The Nobles minister in the province of Ayutthaya, where they are involved with the Tha Rua Church and are serving in church planting and discipleship.

Myron and Betty Harrison

OMF International, Mongolia and Philippines

Following Myron and Betty’s many years of service with OMF Philippines, they are now reassigned from OMF Philippines Field to OMF Canada Field Staff as active Canadian missionaries for Philippines and Mongolia. Though living in Toronto, they continue active in visiting the Philippines and Mongolia yearly for training events, upgrading pastoral leadership in these countries and consultive matters for local team ministries. The training focuses upon mentoring skills and involvement with pastors as Myron seeks to enhance their ministries in their local congregations.

Other Bethel-supported missionaries are serving in sensitive areas:

* One individual and a family serving in East Asia with Campus for Christ
* Family serving in Asia with the Navigators
* Family serving in Quebec and North Africa
* Individual serving in Ottawa and North Africa
* Family preparing for ministry in Central Asia with Interserve