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Bethel-Supported Missionaries (National)

*** Click HERE to download the 2016 Short Terms Missions Applications form. *** NOTE: the form must be submitted NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, MARCH 31st, 2016!

Mary Catherine and Kelly Yen

Campus for Christ, McMaster University, Hamilton

Kelly and Mary Catherine Yen serve with Campus for Christ at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. They seek to WIN students to Christ through outreach activities, BUILD them in their faith through bible studies and discipleship, and SEND them into the marketplace and mission field to WIN, BUILD and SEND others. Kelly and Mary Catherine have two boys, Yonas and Samuel.

John and Audrey Harder

Avant Ministries, ministry to Cuba

John serves in Specialized Ministries under Avant Ministries Canada. His ministry involves preaching and teaching missions in churches, leading group ministry trips to Cuba, and periodic preaching visits to Argentina where they formerly served. Audrey serves in a support role and also speaks at women’s retreats.

Brian and Sharon Seeley

HCJB Christian Radio, London, Ontario

Brian serves in radio ministry with HCJB World Radio. He hosts a morning program on Hope FM 94.3 in Woodstock, Ontario and travels to churches and missions conferences to promote HCJB World Radio.

Jessica (Wynja) and Willy Versteeg

Campus for Christ, University of Quebec at Montreal

Jessica (Wynja) and Willy Versteeg serve with Campus for Christ in Quebec. Jessica and Willy are launching a new ministry on the French-speaking campus of the University of Quebec at Montreal. They work with students, teaching them how to do evangelism and discipleship and sending them into the workforce and the world with an understanding of the importance for each individual to take responsibility for the Great Commission.