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Bethel’s Vision Pathway

First, Bethel Church’s vision is:

“Responding to the Heart of God; Transforming the Heart of the City, the Nation and the World.”

This vision (which we acknowledge will grow and change with time) is at the center of our Vision Pathway, a bit like some sand surrounded by the four unchanging walls of the sandbox. These four walls are:


Bethel's Vision Pathway Graphic

Vision Pathway Graphic

1. Mission

The Mission of the church is to love God passionately and serve others significantly.

2. Strategy

The above mission is accomplished by helping disciples:

–          Grow in Intimacy with God

–          Grow in Intimacy with Others

–          Grow in Acts of Service

3. Values:

–          Teamwork (‘we’ vs. ‘me’)

–          Excellence (not ‘so-so’ but ‘bravo’)

–          Authenticity (permission to speak freely)

–          Relevance (‘updated’ vs. ‘outdated‘)

–          Solidarity (being FOR people, being WITH people)

4. The Marks Of A Disciple:

–          Diligently Seeking God

–          Biblically Measured

–          Prayerfully Engaged

–          Relationally Healthy

–          Fully Committed to the Whole Gospel for the Whole World


Everything we do must be in keeping with the Vision Pathway above.