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Beyond Borders websiteThe goal of this night is to challenge us to think beyond our own borders, to be encouraged with what God is doing and to think about how we can support and be involved in God’s great Kingdom work, here and around the world. The evening is free but it might cost you your life, so be careful as you come!

The evening will include four seminars set up around the church:
• Strategic Intercession for Global Advance – Sunder Krishnan
• How Cross-Cultural Minstry with the Lisu Changes Lives & Why You Need It  – Dean & Mari Clark
• HONDURAS: Reflections from the Field – Honduras Team
• Faith in the Public Life – Panel Discussion with: Louise Chatterton Luchuk (Higher Education),
Brian Paterson (Municipal Politics) & Jeff Stafford (Small Business)

Afterwards we will gather in the Upper Room for some awesome desserts and debriefing.

GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Sunder Krishnan
SunderWe are excited to Have Rev. Krishnan join us both during this event and on the Sunday following as our guest speaker. Sunder Krishnan was born into an orthodox Hindu family in India and grew up in the  capital city of New Delhi. He completed high school in 1961; graduated from the  Indian Institute of Technology in 1967; and received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1969 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

In June 1969, he joined the staff of Atomic Energy of Canada. Most of his eleven years on staff were spent in safety analysis of nuclear generating stations.

Sunder Krishnan came to know Jesus Christ as his Saviour through the ministry of Youth For Christ in the city of New Delhi during his first year of undergraduate studies. He was active for several years with Youth For Christ in India. During his two years in Boston he was active with Campus for Christ.

Since arriving in Toronto, Sunder and his family have worshipped at Rexdale Alliance Church. His primary ministry was as an adult Christian Education teacher. He served as a member of the Executive Committee and then on the Board of Elders for eight years. In October 1980, Sunder resigned his position with Atomic Energy of Canada and joined the pastoral staff of Rexdale Alliance Church as the Associate Pastor. In this capacity he was responsible for preaching at all services. He was ordained to the Christian ministry in October 1982. When the Senior Pastor retired, Rev. Sunder Krishnan accepted that position on January 1, 1997 and has served in that capacity to date. In April 2000, he was given an honorary doctorate from the Canadian Bible College and Theological Seminary in Regina, Canada.

Rev. Krishnan has been the featured speaker at the General Assembly of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, the General Council for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in the United States, Urbana 2009, and in several Bible Colleges, and numerous missionary conferences. In addition he has ministered to many missionaries and pastors overseas. In 1971, he and Shyamala were married. They have two married children, Vijay and Sheila and six grandchildren, Rebecca, Matthew, Benjamin, Noah, Joel and Gideon.