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Constance Lake First Nation

bethel-nationalConstance Lake First Nation Reserve is the National Focus for Bethel Church. Bethel has been sending a team   up to Constance Lake for the past 15+ years. We desire to respond to God’s heart and see hearts transformed in the community of Constance Lake.

VISION | Our vision for the community of Constance Lake is that it would be transformed for Christ and it would become a light to the other First Nation Communities around it.  This summer, this vision was expressed to the Full Gospel Church at Constance Lake, and they were asked to continue to partner with us in seeing God fulfill this vision.

Ariel Shot of CLFACTS | Constance Lake is a small native reserve of 1000 people in Northern Ontario, a half-hour west of Hearst.  Travel time from Kingston is about 14 hours.   The reserve itself is very quiet, and has a strong community feel. It is typical to see young kids walking around by themselves or dogs running around.  Much of the housing is bungalows, some in decent-to-good shape while others are boarded up or needing several repairs. The reserve has a very casual, laid back feel to it. Constance Lake has a very strong community feel. They have many community events. They have a community hall, community recreation centre, and a community ice rink/basketball court.  The community has 2 active churches, St. Stephen’s Anglican and the Full Gospel Church. Other building used by the community include (but not limited to) the Education Centre, the Christian School, the Band Office, Medical Clinic, JG Grocery, Norm’s Gas Bar, and the Post Office.

For more information on Constance Lake please visit their website at

2016 SUMMER TRIP |  From  August 13 – 20, a team will be traveling from Bethel to Constance Lake. Our focus of the trip will be to, “Serve well. Bring hope. Celebrate.” Dave Stewart, Tracey Thomson and April Watt from the CL leadership team are leading the trip, as the former leaders, Amy & Fred Grendel have stepped down.

Over the course of the week the team will continue to foster relationships with community members (children, youth, adults and elders) through a community barbeque, youth events, and children’s day camps. We are excited that we have already had a number of people from CLFN indicate that they would like to assist this summer. Bethel has always been an amazing support to this ministry and community and we would continue to appreciate your prayers as well as your financial support. If you are interested in receiving prayer emails please email April Watt and to give to Constance Lake financially please mark your envelope and cheque with “Constance Lake”. We thank you in advance for your support. If you are interested in joining the team please contact one of the following by July 20. Or, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. Dave Stewart at 613-331-1286 or, Tracey Thomson at 613-453-4517 or, or April Watt at 613-349-8936 or