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Crucial Conversations

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This New Year’s series represents the evolution of our Hot Topics series that we have done over the last six years in the month of January. There is a slight nuance in the series with the title change. CC represents a series that will help us as a congregation address four key issues that are important to us as a Body as we grow together and seek to bless the city, nation and world.


MARRIAGE GLUE Mark Kotchapaw, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church
One of the most crucial conversations the church can have today is on the issue of marriage. It is time we talked about the covenant of marriage amidst the collapse of so many marriages. Whether married or single, understanding the covenant of marriage is an important window in to understanding the heart of God.

BROKEN PEOPLE, BROKEN GOD? Kent Bandy, Ellel Ministries
If God is so powerful, then why is the church full of broken people? We have an amazing God and it’s easy to point out brokenness in the church, but does that mean that this is “as good as it gets”? Is there more? A secret prayer? More discipline? How about a song? Or could there be a key we’ve overlooked in contextualizing the Kingdom of God in our time? Could we experience this amazing Creator’s life at a deeper level?   You’re probably skeptical. I was too. Let’s take a look at it anyway!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 – Technical Issues – not recorded
DYING WELL IS LIVING WELL Dr. Ivan Stuart MB., BCH., BAO Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University, Consulting Palliative Care Physician,Palliative Care Medicine Group, Southeastern Ontario Health Sciences Center, Kingston Ontario, Medical Director Providence Manor for approximately 25 years (retired)
I imagine that many of us have grown up in families where the death topic was off limits. Some of us have had to deal with the confusion left after a loved one has died who did nothing to prepare for their departure. Death was denied but not avoided. This definitely is a crucial conversation. Join us as Dr. Stewart helps us address death and dying from a Christian perspective.

FLYING SOLO Amanda Van Halteren, Worship & Discipleship Director, Bethel Church
There is a larger population than ever before of adult singles, both inside and outside the church. How do we understand what it means to be single in light of the Gospel? More so in light of the emphasis on marriage in the church? How can we have the conversation on singleness in a way that doesn’t isolate, hurt or judge…but instead builds the body of Christ?