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In Psalm 24:1, we read, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, (NIV). In other words, whatever we have isn’t really ours. God created the entire world—the land and sea, planets and galaxies, animals and people. And when people create, those people do so because of the gift and talents that God gave them. It’s our job to take care of what God has loaned us for a time to use in order to bring Him glory.


Jesus put stewardship into action. He used the time He had on earth wisely, never wasting a moment, but always working towards God’s plan. He used what He had—from bread and fish, to dirt and spit—to perform miracles, helping people see and eat. Everything Jesus did showed us how we can take care of God’s stuff by using it the way that points people to God and fulfills the mission God has for our lives.

Oct 1st

Bottom Line: Remember, everything belongs to the Lord.

Kids have an easy time claiming what’s theirs. One of the first words a child learns is “mine!” We want kids to understand that what they have is actually on loan to us. Remembering that everything belongs to God is the first step in choosing to use what we have wisely, because what we have belongs to God.

 Oct 8th
Bottom Line: Use your time wisely.

We only have so much time while we’re here on earth, but every day God gives us is a chance for us to do something that matters. We can waste our time or use it to do something significant. We pray that kids will make every moment they have count.

Oct 15th

Bottom Line: Use your things wisely.

God has given each of us responsibility over something—money, talents, even our stuff. We pray kids discover how they can use those things wisely.

Oct 22nd

Bottom Line: Use your money wisely.

One of the best ways we can use our money is to give some away and allow God to something amazing with it. We’ll help kids figure out ways then can give, save and spend their money wisely.

Oct 29th
Bottom Line: Live like you know what really matters.

The world is filled with voices telling us what should be important—money, power, fame, and personal glory. But what God wants for us is different. When we live our life for only things that matter on earth, they’ll end up fading away and being destroyed. Instead, we pray kids will learn to make choices about their life that will matter for eternity.

By Dan Scott ©2016 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. *Used by permission.


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