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Every good and perfect gift comes from God. In fact, generosity is at the very core of God’s character—He even gave us His own son, Jesus! Jesus showed unwavering generosity as He traded His life for ours. And, because God gave us Jesus and Jesus gave His life, we can be generous towards others. Not only that, but when we are generous towards others, we prove that we love God by loving the people He loves. We pray that this Christmas, as kids celebrate God’s amazing generosity, they’ll see how they can be generous with their family, friends, and neighbors.

Dec 3rd
We start our look at generosity in 1 John 4:9-11 where we discover that generosity starts with God. Because God loved us so much, He sent Jesus to be our savior and make it possible for us to be with God forever.

Bottom Line: Because God gave, I can give.  

Dec 10th
In Luke 12:13-21, we find Jesus sharing a parable about a rich young man. This rich man experienced such a harvest that he ended up with more than he needed. Instead of seeing how he could use the extra to help others, he stores it up for himself. He loses his life and doesn’t get to enjoy it anyway.

Bottom Line: Don’t miss your chance to give.

Dec 17th
We will take a look at important generosity principle Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:18. Command the rich to do good. Tell them to be rich in doing good things. They must give freely. They must be willing to share, (NIrV). Paul knows that our wealth isn’t based in how much we have but in what we do with it.

Bottom Line: Look for creative ways to give.

Dec 24th: NO Morning Service

Dec 31st: 10 am service only…Upstreet and Waumba Land and Nursery provided

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