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What will a session look like?
Using the curriculum produced by 24-7 Prayer, the six sessions will cover the simplest foundations of prayer. The prayer time will include video teaching, a short discussion time in a small group and a time of prayer centered around the theme.

What if I’m not interested in prayer?
Prayer is part of the life of someone who is following Jesus. So, although you may not be interested, it is actually an essential part of your discipleship process and necessary for your spiritual development. What harm can come from trying it?

Can I go to either Sunday or Wednesday?
We would like for you to commit to either Sunday or Wednesday but if you are unable to make the day that you committed to then you are more than welcome to attend either day.

Who should attend this?
Everyone is welcome! SEEK is not just for seasoned prayer warriors, but for everyone who simply wants to get better at talking to God and hearing his voice.

Is there child-care?
Child-care will not be provided at SEEK.

Will I have to pray with others?
We get better at prayer through practice! Therefore each session will include, individual, small group and corporate prayer.

Is this different from a LIFE group?
It is…and it isn’t. It is different from a LIFE Group because the main focus of the session is PRAYER and although there will be teaching and discussion, the majority of the time is spent praying. It IS a LIFE Group because this is what LIFE Groups do: pray together. It is our hope that those who are already in a LIFE Group will use this time to draw closer to God and to each other in prayer. For those not in LIFE Groups, this may be a great opportunity to find yourself one!

Can my LIFE Group attend together?
Yes come with your LIFE group, your family, a group of friends or come by yourself!

What happens if you miss a session?
We will provide the video, questions and other resources online after the Sunday session so you can catch up and join us again the following week!