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BETHEL’S VISION | “Responding to the Heart of God; Transforming the Heart of the City, the Nation and the WORLD”. Bethel’s World Focus currently is Honduras. The ministry is lead by Ken and Sue Vissers who worked in Honduras for 9 years but have recently moved back to Kingston.


Thank you for praying for us & for contributing to our expenses – the March trip was a great success! We are happy to report no illnesses or accidents, but lots of accomplished tasks and many moments of learning and growth. We had 6 days on site, we worked hard in the hot sun alongside some Hondurans and managed to accomplish various projects:
• The 10 cabins, 10 tent platforms and the high ropes course at the camp (Cerro de Luz) were all painted with wood protector.
• A new roof was built over the new deck on the dormitory building at the camp.
• At Lucia’s house, her old roof was stripped off, and a new far-improved roof was put back on with a porch area and a lockable storage room; her interior walls were replaced with better material, and her house was given a thorough cleaning.
• The 4 teachers on our team offered 2 sessions with the teachers at the bilingual school to discuss how to manage difficult behaviours and learning challenges in the classroom.
• The younger component of our team volunteered with the school’s sports day.
• The team traveled east into the highlands to a remote area where some ‘helped’ with the plastering of the walls on a new community centre/church while the others led some activities with the local primary school kids. This is a project run by Marvin and Cristina Rodriguez – teams have been involved with their ministry in past years.
• We visited all the families who benefit from the money made from pottery sales and bake sales. The main theme from all these visits was how hard it is, even with an
education to find employment, another theme was family planning and dental hygiene!

Working alongside our Honduran friends and neighbours, being a part of these conversations and seeing the reality of life in everyday Honduras was eye opening for us all, it made us honestly question our own values and appreciate all the resources that are available to us here in Canada. We were challenged in the Honduran church we went to on Sunday – what would happen to our faith, to our church, to our country if we really lived out our faith passionately following the expectation God sets on us to profess Jesus as Saviour and Lord to the people around us.

Other Supported Projects

  • Education Fund for Nely Gomez and Maria Cruz
    Nely was born in a remote mountain community in the province of Intibucá, predominately populated by the Lenca people group. Where she is from, there is very little infrastructure, no medical help and no secondary schools. Since a very young age, she has been part of the ministry of Corazon Puro, which has provided her with a place to live and a family atmosphere so she could receive an education. Showing great promise and a desire to continue to help the ministry reach out to more children from the same circumstances as her, we are supporting her in obtaining her University degree in Social work and administration. Her goal is to begin a school with the ministry. She is currently finishing off her third year with exceptional marks. Maria comes from a similar village as Nely, in the same area of Intibucá. She has been working with the ministry of Corazon Puro for a number of years, and like Nely, has shown great promise in her abilities and work ethic. She hopes to continue with the ministry after she graduates. She is currently in her second year of studies in La EsperanzaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKid Camp DrawingAchote Community
  • School Lunch Programme  Emmanuel Ministries (which runs Corazon Puro) has now established free lunch programmes within 4 public schools in the province of Intibucá, including the main city of La Esperanza. For many of the children, the meal they receive through this programme will be their only nutritious meal of the day. In addition to feeding their bodies, they receive spiritual feeding with a short bible teaching. As the children accept the Word and bring it to their families, we have seen the beginning of community bible studies which turn into churches run by the local community. Although the majority of the food served comes from the government, funding is needed to pay the workers as well as the development of new projects and the maintenance of existing ones. We are grateful to the Lord for the willingness of many public school directors to receive this programme wholeheartedly, including the Biblical teaching.

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