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Once again we are excited to be addressing some “hot” issues during the cold month of January. This is our sixth year of doing this series. “Hot” issues are often issues that are controversial, challenging to talk about and where the Biblical answer to that issue is at times very counterculture. Join us!

| Back in 2005, Canada changed the definition of marriage to include relationships between “two persons.” Now in 2013, many Christians are agreeing that a marriage can be between two people of the same sex. Is this Biblically correct? It certainly is seen as being politically correct to agree with the laws of the land in this area. But does this new definition set the stage for the best context in which to raise kids? Is this what’s best for society? Is the biblical position of marriage between a man and a woman reasonable, beneficial, wise, advantageous… or just outdated?
Presenter: Mark Kotchapaw, Senior Pastor at Bethel

JANUARY 19 – The Vices and Virtues of Virtual Community | For a culture that claims to be more connected than ever, it’s a bit unsettling to realize just how disconnected many of us feel. Our contemporary preoccupation with social networking and all of the posting, friending, pinning, tagging, linking, liking, tweeting, chatting, instagramming, vining, and selfie-ing actually reflects some astounding insights about how God created each of us. There is much to learn about the human soul in how we have responded to all of the opportunities that our cyber-culture offers us.
Presenter: Marv Penner, National Director of Youth Specialities is an internationally- known author, professor, speaker, and youth ministry veteran having spent over 40 years working with students and families. Marv oversees the National Centre for Excellence in Youth Ministry, and has trained and inspired thousands of youth workers at various national and international youth workers conferences and conventions and has taught at more than 20 colleges and seminaries around the globe.

JANUARY 26 – TELLING THE JESUS STORY | In an age of skepticism, pluralism and globalization.The context for telling the Jesus story has radically changed over the last decade. How do we tell it? Why should we keep telling it? What is the push back we can expect? What is it about our Christian culture that makes it difficult to tell? What are some of the issues in our Canadian culture that demonstrates why telling this story is so important? Two thousand years ago Jesus was a hot topic, today is no different.
Presenter: Lorna Dueck, Exec Producer of Context TV is a Commentary Writer on Faith and Public Life for The Globe and Mail, and a frequent media commentator at CBC. Lorna is studying a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College, and holds a BRE from Tyndale. She can be found blogging at