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January 19 – Mentoring Seminar

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Join Us January 19th from 2 – 4pm @ Bethel

Connecting Well, Connecting Deeply, Connecting Safely –
The Power of an Invested Adult in the Life of Tweens & Teens

Please join us at Bethel on Sunday, January 19th from 2-4pm to hear Marv Penner, National Director of Youth Specialties (and Mark Kotchapaw’s Youth Pastor from his youth), talk on the importance of mentoring tweens and teens. This FREE event is open to Parents of JR & SR Highs, Bethel Youth ministry volunteers and for any other local youth workers.

As much as Bethel Youth Ministries values our Friday night and Sunday morning programs, we understand that often the deepest conversations happen outside of these events.  Maybe you remember what it was like to have 30 teenagers around you at school. It is very challenging for teens and adults to focus on deep conversations at these events.  We have learned over the years that deep conversations happen in 1 on 1, or 2 on 1 contexts often over a burger or Tim Hortons drink.  With Bethel Youth Ministries growth this past fall, we need the help of safe, Christ following adults who would be willing to join a mentoring program, and meet with teens 1 on 1, or 2 on 1.  Who better then Marv Penner to train us in how, and why we should do this?  As a parent, you likely have many questions as to what this means for your teen(s) or maybe you would like to join our mentoring program as a volunteer.  Join us and see if Marv can fuel the fire inside your hearts for Bethel’s grade 6 to 12 students, and really show us how we can help. ` Fred Grendel, Youth Director

Relationships are important in our children’s programs here at Bethel. We recognize the importance of the parent/child relationship and we want to everything we can to enhance that relationship.  No one has the potential to advance your child’s relationship with God like a parent and we are looking at ways to better partner with parents.  We also recognize that relationships your child has outside  your home are also important. Our children need other adults speaking into your children and saying the same things  you are saying. We run our Upstreet program using a large group/small group model because we see the value of having other trusted leaders in the lives of kids as they grow up. Widening the circle involves pursuing strategic relationships for your son or daughter. Marv Penner will be with us in January to talk mentoring and why it’s important and how we can be more intentional in this area. Join us on January 19th at we go deeper in our discussion in the area of mentoring our children.  ~ Jamie Stinson, Family Ministries Director

National Director of Youth Specialties Canada and the founder of All About Youth. He is also an associate staff member with the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. He is an internationally known author, professor, speaker, and youth ministry veteran having spent over 40 years working with students and families. Marv oversees the National Centre for Excellence in Youth Ministry, a think tank which conducts research on Canadian youth and youth culture and equips adults who work with teenagers. He recently co-directed a major national study, “What’s Happening? The State of Youth Ministry in Canada.” He is the author of six books on youth ministry including “The Youth Workers Guide to Parent Ministry,” ”Help, My Kids Are Hurting,” “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut,”and most recently, “Building and Mobilizing Teams.” In addition to his teaching, speaking, and writing, Marv is a marriage and family counselor specializing in parent/adolescent conflict resolution, sexual abuse recovery, self-injury, eating disorders, and marriage and family issues. Marv and his wife, Lois, live in Lake Country, British Columbia where their organization “All About Youth” ( is headquartered. They have three awesome adult kids and five grandchildren.


JANUARY 19 – The Vices and Virtues of Virtual Community | For a culture that claims to be more connected than ever, it’s a bit unsettling to realize just how disconnected many of us feel.  Our contemporary preoccupation with social networking and all of the posting, friending, pinning, tagging, linking, liking, tweeting, chatting, instagramming, vining, and selfie-ing actually reflects some astounding insights about how God created each of us. There is much to learn about the human soul in how we have responded to all of the opportunities that our cyber-culture offers us.
All are welcome to join us at our 9am and 11am services on January 19th to hear Marv speak on the above topic.

Once again we are excited to be addressing some “hot” issues during the cold month of
January. This is Bethel’s sixth year of doing this series.“Hot” issues are often issues that are controversial, challenging to talk about and where the Biblical answer to that issue is at times very counterculture. Our other topics include:
JANUARY 12 – SAME SEX MARRIAGE w/ Mark Kotchapaw