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MOVE | A Prayer Focus Event

Starting on February 9th and 10th and leading right up to Easter we are going to be engaging in a prayer focus entitled MOVE. Simply stated, we are looking for God to do a deeper work in our lives, individually, corporately and as a city.

How can you be involved?
• Each Saturday & Sunday the theme of the coming week will be Introduced in the service.
• A written document much like our Touching Bases will be available to download below. We want to encourage you to use the document for that week to help focus some of your prayers on that week’s theme. The document will have scripture listed and some suggested ways on how to pray through that particular week’s theme.
• If you are in a small group we would encourage your group to take some time to pray into that theme for the week.
• Each Sunday from 4-5pm in the Upper Room we will be hosting a prayer focus on the theme of the week. We would love to have you join us for this focused prayer time.

MOVE Schedule:

MOVE – February 9th & 10th – MOVE – week one – download

CRAVE – February 16th & 17th – MOVE – week two – download

TRUST – February 23rd & 24th – MOVE – week three – download

SURRENDER – March 2nd & 3rd – MOVE – week four – download

INTIMACY– March 9th & 10th – MOVE – week five – download

ANTICIPATION – March 16th & 17th – MOVE – week six – download

AWAKE – March 23rd & 24th – MOVE – week seven – download