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JR High Sunday School: Serious Faith

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Bethel JR High Sunday School – Grades 6-8

Sunday mornings 9 am (during the first service)

Serious Faith teaches students why Christ followers believe what they believe (apologetic teaching) and also teaches students what it means to follow Jesus at a personal level.

The Serious Faith Sunday morning routine includes a time of:

• Live worship through music with the Church congregation,
• Games, sports, or activities with peers,
• Large group teaching, and
• Small group discussion time


We think that your child’s Junior High years are crucial and will influence their development right into adulthood. Unlike many people, we do not see your child as just a “teenager” (with all of the “stuff” that entails!) but as a Young Adult –  one who is growing and learning to think for him or herself every day.

Our program is a three-year cycle, based in apologetics (the defense of the faith): we wish for these young people to understand, and take hold of, their faith for themselves; by learning both WHAT they believe, and WHY they believe it so they can withstand the temptations and pressures that will come at them in their high school and university years.

Over their course of study, they will discuss topics like theology, philosophy, doctrine, comparative religion, cults, etc. We also will not be afraid to deal with controversial issues, such as sexuality, although we will always contact parents beforehand to advise them and to discuss any concerns you might have. (Parents, of course, are absolutely free not to have their child in the class that day.)

We also are firm believers in the power of small groups to assist a young person in their growth and helping them understand the importance of good community. So part of their day will see them in a small group with their peers and youth leaders for discussion.

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