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Volunteer Process & Plan 2 Protect

Thanks SO MUCH for your desire to volunteer with us! In brief, our volunteer process is intended to ensure the safety of all the children, youth and vulnerable persons at Bethel, and contains the following steps:

  1. We ask potential new volunteers to wait until they have attended Bethel six months before applying. Exceptions can be made in some cases, using an enhanced reference process.
  2. First, contact the Ministry Lead for the ministry in which you wish to serve, and set up an interview – staff e-mails are found on the back of the weekly bulletin.
  3. For the interview, bring a completed New Volunteer application form. Please print legibly and wherever possible, include e-mail addresses with contact information (references etc.) Also ensure you have signed the pink and green forms at the back (with a witness!)
  4. You and the Ministry Lead will then get together and discuss where you best fit in Ministry.
  5. Should you be deemed suited to the ministry you have applied for, the Ministry Lead will let you know that you can now apply to the Kingston Police (or the police force of whatever town you live in) for a Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Check, at a cost of $25.00. If this presents a financial hardship for you, the church can reimburse you.
  6. The Ministry Lead will then pass on your application to the Church Administrator who will do reference checks
  7. You will attend (or commit to attend if one is not upcoming) our mandatory Plan to Protect Volunteer training session (which will be followed by an annual refresher).
  8. Once all references have been checked and the Police Check has been handed in (it’s good for three years), you are then cleared for ministry. The church will contact you at various intervals to remind you about training and/or needing to update your paperwork/police check.

Again thanks for volunteering. Do not hesitate to contact the Church Administrator, Carmen Gauvin-O’Donnell, should you have any questions.