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What’s Happening

February 18, 25, & March 4, 2018 | Pursue, Include, Engage (PIE)

How sensitive are we to people in the margins? Are we welcoming, greeting, and embracing people, and including them in our world? Do you find it challenging to move from being aloof to being engaged, from being a critic to being a champion? On any given Sunday does the person sitting beside you get a chill from the cold response, or do they experience your warmth and kindness? What about in your place of work, study, or leisure? Do you exclude or include? Do you work at pursuing, or do you not notice the people in the room? Do you build bridges or erect walls? Do you categorize people and consider some out of bounds? Is this God speaking, or are we following our unhealthy fears and stereotypes? Let’s see what Romans Chapters 15 & 16 has to teach us!