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What’s Happening

MARCH 5 & 8 | BETHEL PRAYS In light of the attendance we had at the SEEK PRAYER EVENT for both Sundays and Wednesdays, we will also be offering 2 time slots for Bethel | Prays in March in the Upper Room. All are welcome to attend either:
March 5th @ 4 pm or March 8th @ 7 pm

LIFE GROUP – NEXT STEPS | If you are interested in plugging into a LIFE Group, Wednesday, March 8th is the date to mark on your calendar. Come on Wednesday night at 7pm in the Upper Room, and you will hear about 2 new groups that are being launched (see below for information) at the church, and spend some time at two workshops of your choosing on prayer.  The following week, dive into your specific group of focus.

Discipleship Explored:  ideal for young or new Christians but  is also great for anyone who wants to grow in their Christian life, being encouraged to stand firm and live for Christ. We will dig deeper into the book of Phillipians. There is homework, with weekly discussion and videos.

GOSPEL IN LIFE by Tim Keller: Gospel in Life is an eight-week course on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life— first in our hearts, then in community, and out into the world. Week 1 opens the course with the theme of the city: our home now, the world that is. Week 8 closes the course with the theme of the eternal city: our heavenly home, the world that is to come. In between we will look at how the gospel changes our hearts (weeks 2 and 3), changes our community (weeks 4 and 5), and changes how we live in the world (weeks 6 and 7).

April 8 | Bethel Work Bee – Join us from 9am – Noon. Pizza lunch provided. Contact Donna Dickey for more details

April 13 | Bethel Holy Thursday Service – Join us at 7 pm for a
reflective hour-long service centered around the Last Supper.

April 14 | City-Wide Good Friday Service – All are welcome to attend the city-wide service at Kingston Gospel Temple (2295 Princess St)
at 10am.

April 14 | Great Exchange Youth Event – from 1:30-9pm at
Salvation Army Citadel (816 Centennial Drive). Grades 6-12. For more details or to sign up please contact Anna at

April 16 | Bethel Easter Sunday Services – 9am and 11am

May 7 | BETHEL PRAYS- 4pm or Wednesday, May 10th – 7pm
Once a month we will gather together to pray on the Sunday afternoon or the Wednesday evening. The themes of each month will vary. However, we will always take time to focus on God, respond to Him, seek His kingdom, and pray for each other.

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