TEDD Talks are special events throughout the year featuring practical tools, skills, and knowledge to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. Various pastors, teachers, and trusted leaders within the Bethel community lead these 60 min. talks, followed by a time for discussion and questions. 

All TEDD Talks are at 7pm in the Library at Bethel Church (unless otherwise noted.)

Seating capacity is limited to around 35 people, so sign-up is encouraged! Click here, or on any title below, to sign-up for any TEDD Talk. Questions? Contact keri@bethelkingston.com or 613-542-2990.

Upcoming TEDD Talks include:

Sunday, March 8, 2020 @ 10:30am in the Upper Room

Baptism: Why Take The Plunge | For over 2000 years, millions of people have been baptized as a sign of their commitment to Jesus. Why is baptism important? Why did Jesus call us to be baptized in Matthew 28? If you have questions about baptism, or have been thinking about “taking the plunge” as a next step in your faith journey, come out for this Talk to learn more!
Speaker: Mark Kotchapaw

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