TEDD Talks are special events throughout the year featuring practical tools, skills, and knowledge to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus.
Various pastors, teachers, and trusted leaders within the Bethel community lead these 60 min. talks, followed by a time for discussion and questions. All events are at Bethel; specific rooms to be announced.

To ensure your seat, sign-up by clicking on any of the TEDD Talk titles. New Talks will be added over time, so check back for updates!

All About Baptism | Sun, March 17 @ 12:30pm
Speaker: Pastor Mark Kotchapaw

Won’t You Be My Neighbour: Embracing Refugees | Mon, March 18 @ 7pm
In anticipation of the arrival of our refugee family, Steve & Shelley Kirby will be giving a talk, sharing advice, and answering questions on how to embrace our new neighbours. The Kirbys have years of experience working with and teaching immigrants and refugees in Kingston and are long time Bethel members, so they are well equipped to help us as individuals and as a church as we get to know this new family!
Speakers: Steve & Shelley Kirby (Kingston Immigrant Services & Loyola ESL)

Generation Z: What Is With Teens Today?!  | Fri, March 22 @ 7pm
Looking at the book “Meet Generation Z” by James Emery White. Books will be available upon request (approx. $10-15)
Speaker: Joey Malloy (Canadian Youth Network)

Just for the Fun of It: Reading in the Age of Netflix | Tues, April 2 @ 7pm
Many of us think about reading the same way we think about working out or eating our broccoli: We know we should, but do we really want to? Most of us would rather watch Netflix or surf Twitter. But what if good reading was actually all about pleasure?
Speaker: Eric Bateman

TEDD Becomes A Member: Why Membership Matters | Wed, April 24 @ 7pm
Interested in membership at Bethel? What does it mean to belong to our community? What can you expect from us if you call Bethel your spiritual home? You will learn how to grow spiritually in our community, what our core beliefs are and the ways which you can give as you become part of the family!
Speakers: Pastors Mark Kotchapaw & Amanda Van Halteren

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