TEDD Talks are special events throughout the year featuring practical tools, skills, and knowledge to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. Various pastors, teachers, and trusted leaders within the Bethel community lead these 60 min. talks, followed by a time for discussion and questions. 

All TEDD Talks are at 7pm in the Library at Bethel Church (unless otherwise noted.)

Seating capacity is limited to around 35 people, so sign-up is encouraged! Click here, or on any title below, to sign-up for any TEDD Talk. Questions? Contact keri@bethelkingston.com or 613-542-2990.

TEDD Talks this Fall include:

Sunday, October 27, 10:30am, Upper Room
BAPTISM: Why Take The Plunge? | For over 2000 years, millions of people have been baptized as a sign of their commitment to Jesus. Why is baptism important? Why did Jesus call us to be baptized in Matthew 28? If you have questions about baptism, or have been thinking about “taking the plunge” as a next step in your faith journey, come out for this Talk to learn more!
Speaker: Mark Kotchapaw

Monday, October 28
THE AUTHORITY OF GOD’S WORD: Why The Bible Is Not Just Another Book | The Bible… the Qu’ran… the Book of Mormon (and many others) claim to have been written by God. But were they? How can we even know? This Talk will discuss the evidence for the Bible as being “from God, to man”, as opposed to “from man, about God.” And if this is true, how are we living in light of it?
Speaker: Carmen O’Donnell

Monday, November 4
POST-MODERNISM: Beyond the Soundbites | Most of us hear about postmodernism through soundbites such as “it’s a threat to truth!” or “it’s a bold new cultural frontier!” How do we know what to believe? This Talk will go beyond the soundbites & hot takes into a deeper engagement with postmodernism, its history, and its influence on the culture we live in.
Speaker: Eric Bateman

Monday, November 11
YOUTH CULTURE: Why Are Youth In Crisis & How Do We Respond? | We live in a society of increasing safetyism, polarization and distorted truth. Faith among young believers is haemorrhaging at an all-time high, and a diminishing resilience to the emotional trials of everyday life contribute to an increase in anxiety and depression. While addressing some of the leading thought on how we’ve arrived to this point, this Talk will focus on looking at a practical response supported by what we learn in scripture.
Speaker: Ken Vissers

Tuesday, November 12
MONEY MANAGEMENT: The Basics for All Ages | We’ve all made mistakes with money, spending, and investing. Personal financial decisions are rarely discussed openly, so it’s easy to realize too late that we’ve made poor choices. The good news is that it’s never too late to make course corrections! This Talk will include several basic principles on how to get ahead financially, common mistakes people make, and how to end up financially stronger and in a better position to be generous with what we’ve been given.
Speaker: Steve Gammon

Monday, November 18
THE TRINITY: Three…But One?! | Could there be anything more confusing and apparently self-contradictory than the Trinity – one God in three Persons? Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others reject the notion. But are they right? What does Scripture tell us about this concept? This Talk to delve into God’s Word and learn that while it can’t really be understood, the Trinity is easily described: it’s actually not a problem, it’s the SOLUTION.
Speaker: Carmen O’Donnell

Monday, November 25
HIDE & SEEK: Refreshing Your Devotional Life | Do you struggle to read the Bible on your own? What does prayer look like when you are alone with God? Have you ever struggled to find time to sit down and spend time with God? Do devotions always have to look the same? This Talk will help you to think about different ways to engage with God personally (to “hide & seek”), and how to think about walking with Him in different seasons of your life! 
Speaker: Amanda Van Halteren

Tuesday, November 26
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Why Does Membership Matter? | What does it mean to belong to the Bethel community? What can you expect if you call Bethel your spiritual home? At this Talk, you will learn how to grow spiritually in our community, what Bethel’s core beliefs are, and the ways which you can give as you become part of the family! Advance sign-up is requested, and attendees are asked to read the (short) book “I Am A Church Member” by Thom Rainer before the Talk. Books are available in the church foyer or through the church office, for a suggested cost of $15.
Speaker: Mark Kotchapaw

Monday, December 2
PROTESTANT/CATHOLIC: What’s The Difference? | Protestant? Catholic? Tom-eh-toe? To-mah-toe? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Join us for an evening of sorting through some of the history, differences and similarities between the Catholic and Protestant faiths.
Speakers: Amanda Van Halteren & Carmen O’Donnell

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