Join us as we pursue spiritual and physical fitness over the next 4 weeks (starting November 3)! Each week we will have a 1-week plan available with both spiritual disciplines & physical challenges that you can select and schedule throughout your week.

  • Some of the spiritual exercises you’ll be able to use right in your devotional time at home; others will include challenges like buying a coffee for a stranger.
  • The physical exercises will include challenges like going for a walk, or doing a specific number of burpees. And there will be different levels you can choose for, depending on your physical strength.

You have the freedom to select and schedule the activities based on your weekly schedule and ability – and then away you go! We are excited to give you a practical tool to help you put into practice whole health of the body and the soul!

How can you get a copy of the Challenge each week?

  1. Pick up a paper copy in the main foyer at Bethel.
  2. Join the Facebook group Bethel Kingston CROSSfit Challenge where we will post the Challenges each Sunday. You can interact with other Challenge participants there too!
  3. Receive an email copy each week by signing up through this link.