TEDD Talks are special events throughout the year featuring practical tools, skills, and knowledge to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. Various pastors, teachers, and trusted leaders within the Bethel community lead these 60 min. talks, followed by a time for discussion and questions. All talks are currently on Zoom.


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Relationship Roundtable – Tools for Tending to Marriage

THURSDAY, JUNE 4 @ 8PM  | We think you’ll agree that today’s circumstances have shifted the dynamics of marriage at many levels! Relationships between spouses have been impacted in both good and challenging ways, and there are many stressors that are either drawing couples together or creating tension where it didn’t exist before.

As a married couple, you are invited to a conversation about the tests and challenges (and joys too!) of marriage in this season. You will hear tips, tools, encouragement, and prayer from a number of couples in the Bethel Church family with different life-stage perspectives ranging from young children to empty-nesters. There will also be a chance to interact and ask questions, as time permits.

We want to champion your marriage to stay healthy as you connect with each other and with God!

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Relationship Roundtable – Health for Singles in Isolation

MONDAY, JUNE 8 @ 8PM | The season of staying home and physical distancing presents a unique challenge for single people (ie. anyone who is not married). Connecting with community and pursuing all aspects of health and wellness has shifted drastically! Being single in this unprecedented time has also given you unique perspectives…and we want to hear from you!

You are invited to an interactive discussion to listen, learn & share with other single adults in the Bethel family, with each of us bringing our unique perspectives and circumstances. Facilitated by Pastor Amanda, together we will talk about things that have been hard, share ideas that have worked well, and encourage each other in health and growth.

There will be no “expert” panelists at this Talk, as we are all experts-by-experience in this season! To prepare for the Roundtable Talk, review these 5 questions and come ready to share at the level you are comfortable with. These questions will also be emailed when you register.

Please note: We do not need your responses in advance.

1) Introduce yourself and give brief context of your living environment and work situation.
2) What have you been finding particularly difficult, tough, or challenging over the past few months? Consider all aspects of life…simple or complex.
3) What have you been doing, changing, or learning that has been helpful and positive? Consider all aspects of life…at home, at work, personal, practical, etc.
4) How have you felt supported by other singles recently and/or how have you helped singles in your community. Or, do you have any ideas on how we can support and encourage each other?
5) How have you leaned into your faith during this time and/or what challenges have you experienced that have made leaning into God a struggle? Do you have any ideas or encouragement about pursuing spiritual health and growth?

The topics of conversation will flow out of these questions; thank you in advance for bringing your thoughts and ideas! Our request is that everyone who registers will participate in the conversation, however you will not be asked to share beyond your comfort level. (Alternately, this will not be a tell-all therapy session either, lol.)

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