What is a LIFE Group?

A LIFE Group is a group of 8-12 people who meet, study, and ‘do-life’ together regularly for the purpose of growth and personal transformation in community. Life Groups can be Short-Term or Long-Term.


Short-Term Life Groups are run in a variety of styles.  The style of each Life Group is noted under each group description, as are the start date, time, duration, and meeting room at Bethel, unless otherwise noted.

    1. BIBLE STUDY. Learning & studying directly from the Bible.
    1. BOOK STUDY. Learning & studying from a themed, Christian book.
    1. VIDEO STUDY. Learning from a themed, Christian video series.
    1. DISCUSSION. Learning from, and sharing with, people in the group.
    1. PRAYER. Praying about what has been learned, and for people in the group.

Sign-up for here any of the Life Groups below.


Tuesdays 7am – 8am | Resumes September 24, ongoing through the year | Café Church @ 333 Princess St.

  • Bring your coffee, bring your breakfast, and get ready to start your Tuesdays off right! Starting at 7am sharp and ending at 8am sharp, this group dives into a bible chapter a week. This Fall we will look at several New Testament letters (Ephesians, and 1 & 2 Peter), learning study skills each week, discussing the passage in small groups, and praying together. This study will be ongoing through the year; but if you can only commit for a short period, that’s ok! We will meet at Café Church, not at Bethel, so sign-up online to get more details on the location, and to stay informed on what we’ll be studying each week. The entrance to Café Church is on Queen Street between Barrie and Clergy Streets, behind Econo Drycleaning & Laundry.

Facilitator: Amanda Van Halteren


Wednesdays 7pm-9pm | Sept 25th for 8 weeks | UpStreet

    1. Just say the word ‘evangelism’ and many Christians either feel fear, guilt, or apathy. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this study you will discover your natural evangelism style, how to develop a contagious Christian character, to build spiritually strategic relationships, to direct conversations toward matters of faith, and to share biblical truths in everyday language. This video series, along with a comprehensive study guide, presents a blueprint for starting a spiritual epidemic of hope and enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel!

Facilitators: Mark & Rhonda Kotchapaw


Thursdays 9:30am – 11am | Resumes September 26, ongoing through the year | Library

  • Join women of all ages for weekly times of bible study, discussion & prayer with coffee & snacks. This is a great place to plug in with other women if you don’t have a lot of time to study or can’t make a weekly commitment. Childcare available as needed.

Facilitator: Tamara Barrett


Thursdays 7pm-9pm | September 26th for 4 weeks | Upper Room

  • Our kids have turned 21; we thought we were done. And then they are back again – living in our basement, moving in and out, struggling to find solid ground. And just like when they were little, we are losing sleep, but this time for different reasons. How do we navigate this unusual season in our lives? This discussion and prayer group for parents of adult children will include topics of expectations, living together again, lifestyle choices, and faith. Join other parents to talk about our challenges, learn from each other, and pray for our adult children. This is not intended to be a therapy or “tell all” group, and the facilitator is not an expert, and doesn’t claim to be; rather, the intention is to create a safe space to discuss these important topics.

Facilitator: June Skillicorn


Wednesday 7pm-9pm | October 2nd for 10 weeks | Upper Room

  • Using the book The Good and Beautiful God, by James Bryan Smith, this study focuses on the character of God and how we can move into a life of intimacy with him. What we believe about God is of huge importance to our lives: the path to spiritual transformation begins here. Each chapter uncovers the narratives by which Jesus lived, and includes a ‘soul-training’ exercise to help embed this narrative into our minds, bodies and souls.

Facilitator: Amanda Van Halteren


Thursdays 7pm-9pm | Oct 3rd for 6 weeks | UpStreet Room

  • Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you? Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have perfect faith. In this video-based course with an accompanying study guide, you will delve into the Bible to discover five things God uses to grow big faith

Facilitator: Jamie Stinson


Thursdays 7pm-9pm | Nov 14th for 4 weeks | Upper Room

  • We all know there are differences in the way men and women give and take in a relationship. Do you want to get to know your spouse a little better by understanding these differences? This course has no homework and no counseling…just an opportunity to spend four fun nights with your spouse and other couples, laughing, learning and celebrating your marriage!

Facilitator: Jamie Stinson

Sign-up for here any of the above Life Groups.

Connect Community is a new network of Life Groups designed for young adults to build community, foster relationships, grow in faith, and serve the city around them. Open to young adults aged 22 and older, this group is intended for graduate students, young professionals, or those who are figuring out where life is taking them next!

In partnership with Geneva House, Bethel Church, and Bay Park Baptist Church, Connect Community is designed to build connections between young adults from different Christian communities across the city. Whether you attend Bethel or Bay Park, are affiliated with Geneva House, or are seeking somewhere to belong this year, all are welcome!

Connect Community is designed around a Life Group model. Life Groups of about 8 to 10 people will meet weekly to study the Bible, pray, and serve, and monthly social events will bring the whole Connect Community together for fun and fellowship.

To join the Connect Community, sign-up at http://shorturl.at/howy4

Please also join our Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/2388292731248318 to stay updated on social events.

What is a Short-Term LIFE Group?

Held at Bethel typically on a week night, Short-Term Life Groups are 6-8 week studies that have a specific discipleship theme or focus, and are lead by one of Bethel’s pastors or trusted leaders. If you are new to Bethel, or new to Life Groups in general, than a short-term group is the first place to get plugged in! It’s a great way for you to get to know the people and pastors at Bethel, and for us to get to know you!

When do Short-Term LIFE Groups run?

We typically launch Short-Term groups three times per year: Fall (late-September), Winter (late-January), and Spring (April/May). Groups are announced well in advance so you have time consider the options and sign-up for the study that is right for you.  When you sign-up we assume that you’re committing to attend all 6-8 weeks of the study, but we also understand that shift-work and life circumstances happen, so don’t write yourself off because your schedule doesn’t fit!

How do I sign-up for a Short-Term LIFE Group?

We’ll announce new Short-Term groups in the bulletin and during Sunday morning announcements, so keep your ears open, especially in early-Sept, early-Jan, and early-Spring. You can also check this page periodically for a list of upcoming groups, or email keri[at]bethelkingston.com.

What is a Long-Term LIFE Group?

This is a group that runs year-round with people who have committed to journeying together long-term. Long-Term groups are usually hosted at people’s homes on a week night, and they decide together what theme or topic to study.

Group of friends laughing and reading the bible having coffee

How do I find or start a Long-Term LIFE Group?

By first getting involved in a Short-Term group, especially if you’re new to Bethel! It’s a great way for you to get to know the people and pastors at Bethel, and for us to get to know you! Long-Term groups often spring up out of Short-Term groups, with people who have gotten to know each other and commit to growing together further. And don’t worry,  our Associate Pastor, Amanda Van Halteren, will guide you in this process of starting a new Long-Term group!

If you’ve done the Short-Term thing and are looking to join an existing Long-Term group, please contact amanda.bethelchurch[at]gmail.com. She would love to chat with you to get to know what you’re looking for, and get you connected with a group. (Please note that availability in Long-Term groups can sometimes be limited…which is why we encourage the growth of new groups!)

LIFE Group Values

BE PRAYERFULLY ENGAGED | We actively pursue spiritual intimacy with God through prayer, together.
BE WORD CENTRED |We engage in studies that bring deeper understanding of the Bible, striving to live under its’ authority.
BE A COMMUNITY GATHERED | We create safe, conversational spaces, and encourage growth through practical application in all areas of life.
BE A COMMUNITY SCATTERED |We find ways to serve the community beyond Bethel’s doors, serving as a group and/or as individuals.

What if I’m not ready for a LIFE Group?

In the Bible, Jesus didn’t call His disciples to join Him because they were ready – rather, it was journeying with Jesus that started their growth and discipleship!
Checking out a Short-Term Life Group is a great place to start your journey.  There are no prerequisites for you to join; we simply ask that you be committed to respecting others, open to learning new things, and willing to participate in a safe space.
The only way to “get ready” is to get involved! 

What if I’m unsure of this whole “Jesus” and “church” thing?

That’s ok! We are all on our individual journeys, but the best journey is one in community.  We encourage you to check out one of our seeker or foundational Short-Term groups so you can explore and study your questions with others who probably have the same questions!

And if you’d like to talk to a Pastor about Jesus, church, or any other faith questions, please contact Mark Kotchapaw or Amanda Van Halteren.