Parents' Forum

Wednesday, November 10 • 8pm-9pm on Zoom

Who? Parents of children ages 0-18 are invited to join Family Pastor Jamie, Youth Pastor Connor, and Senior Pastor Mark!

When? Wednesday, November 10, 8pm-9pm

Where? Zoom. No babysitter required! RSVP to get the Zoom link.

Why? It’s been 19 months since the pandemic hit…a lot has changed and we think it’s important to hear from parents. We’d like to get feedback from parents of all ages and hear how we can better serve our families at Bethel.

What? Connor and Jamie will share what they’ve been doing in Family and Youth Ministries, but the bulk of the evening will be set aside to ask questions for parents and to take questions from parents. We’re looking forward to seeing where the conversations lead!  The evening will end with prayer for parents, kids, leaders and volunteers.