Discipleship at Bethel: Apprenticing with Jesus

Just as an apprentice is a novice in a trade, and must learn the skills and gain experience through practice, so it is when we follow Jesus. We are new to Kingdom Living (which is the trade of an apprentice of Jesus) and we must learn the skills, the mindset and the posture of an apprentice of the Kingdom. We do this through studying the Word (the handbook) and living in relationship with the WORD (the Master tradesman – Jesus Himself) who empowers us through the Holy Spirit. The relationship with the Master is cultivated through prayer as well as reading the Word. The family trade – kingdom living – is learned as we practice living in this world with the same priorities as Christ. (A few examples would be: Micah 6:8; 1 John; Deuteronomy 5)

At Bethel we have summarized this lifestyle of apprenticeship through 5 foundational marks (in no particular order):

  • Biblically Measured
  • Prayerfully Engaged
  • Relationally Healthy
  • Whole Gospel for the Whole World
  • Diligently Seeking God

However, Sunday teaching is not enough and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of personal and communal engagement. In different seasons transformation may happen through other avenues such as:

  • LIFE Groups We believe the majority of discipleship that results in personal transformation will happen (and needs to happen!) in relationship with other apprentices. This is how we move from theory to practice.
  • RightNow Media is a FREE resource with thousands of discipleship videos.
  • Volunteering at Bethel
  • Bethel Prayer ministry; contact Pastor Jamie jamie[at]bethelkingston.com