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Contend for the Faith

August 7, 2022
The letter of Jude - a quick read near the very end of the Bible - was written to people who know the gospel well and follow Christ faithfully, yet…

Faith Is Not Wishing

July 31, 2022
You've probably heard someone say that they have "blind faith" in God. Or maybe you've questioned your own faith, asking "if I look for proof, where is there room for…

Peace & Contentment

July 24, 2022
We all desire to live lives full of peace and contentment; unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the elusiveness of these qualities. Guest Pastor Doug Schonberg brings us to…

Bread of Heaven

July 17, 2022
In John 6 we find Jesus and his disciples in charge of a very large crowd that needed to eat. It was an impossible situation to be in, and yet…

Rivers in the Desert

July 10, 2022
Today's guest speaker, Paul, is a Bethel alum from his days at Queen's. After graduating, God called him into ministry in Quebec, and then to North Africa! Using scripture from…

But God

July 3, 2022
You're invited to pause and reflect on God's remarkable creation, our disobedience and brokenness, and God's unfailing love and redemption through the death and resurrection of His son.
As we read Psalm 16, we see the praises of a man who feels safe and joyful in God's hand. Yet it's author, David, was often on the run for…
Bethel's resident apologist, Carmen, unpacks the question "what is truth?" Truth can be subjective or objective - but what's the difference, why does it matter, and how does it apply…
On Sunday we said farewell to Pastor Mark & Rhonda in a fun celebration full of toasting...and roasting!

Planting Seeds

June 12, 2022
As followers of Christ, we are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) In this message, Ken Vissers…
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