When Bethel thinks of social justice, community development, education, leadership development, medical aid, addiction recovery, we think of missions. All these focuses and many more allow the church to love people that matter to God. By coming alongside people that matter to God we can then share with them respectfully and gently the love of Christ not only in word but in deed. Bethel is committed to the work of missions as “any outside initiative that is focused on the city, the nation or the world.” It becomes the umbrella-term for our three key focus areas.


In the city we partner with four key organizations:

With the Salvation Army we work with those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Bethel owns two homes that are transitional homes for men recovering from addictions. Go to the following link to learn more about our Bethel House ministry.

We partner with Nightlight by encouraging our people to volunteer their time and invest their money into this important ministry. For example each year we are the host site for Coldest Night of the Year. A annual event that raises thousands of dollars for this ministry. Check our Night lite by clicking on the following link. http://nightlightcanada.com/nightlight-kingston/

We partner with Kingston Pregnancy Care Center. We believe in the rights and needs of the mother as well as the young child growing in the womb. You can check out their ministry by clicking on the following link. Each year we are involved in the Baby Bottle campaign (a fund raising event), attend their yearly banquet and have a number of our people that volunteer their time with this ministry. http://kingstoncpc.org/

We also partner with Camp Iawah. This is our longest standing partnership- about 60 plus years. We believe camp changes lives, builds strong community, raises up leaders and can powerfully be used by God to plant the Gospel in people’s hearts. Our Youth Pastor is involved in a number of the leadership development programs at Iawah. He also gets his kids engaged in the camp experience by running yearly retreats at Iawah. A number of our students and adults have volunteered their time and participated in their programs over the years. http://iawah.com/

While these four organizations represent our official partnerships, our people engage with other good organizations in town that are Christ centered and engaged in serving and loving the city.



Over the years Bethel has been involved in the community of Constance Lake, a First Nations community. We are currently partnering with Camp Iawah in sending summer teams to this community to invest in them. We also support a number of long term workers located in various regions of Canada working in city centers.


These women in Honduras are supported and ministered to by Sue Visser of Latin American Mission. Sue often brings back pottery to sell at Bethel on behalf of these ladies!

Bethel supports several full time international workers. We also yearly support short term workers. Over the last several years we have been sending teams down to Honduras to work in community and leadership development. If you attend Bethel you will hear on various Sundays reports of people serving in various parts of the world.

Short Term Missions

Are you heading out on a short-term or summer missions trip? Bethel may be able to provide partial financial support. Contact the Missions Committee at outreach[at]bethelkingston.com for more information, and please also complete the Short Term Missions Application form.