What to Expect on Sunday

We are a downtown church which means…

  • You can expect an old building with lots of character.
  • You can also expect lots of characters (different people) in our congregation
    1. Our proximity to Queens, The Royal Military College and St. Lawrence means we get a lot of students (undergrads, grads and post-grads)
    2. We have been around for a long time and have members who have been here for 40+ years
    3. We have young families
    4. significant group of young professionals
  • We have people who are different places in their spiritual journey  – from seeking spiritual conversations to committed Christ followers
  • We have people who come from different denominational/church backgrounds  and those who have no backgrounds at all.
  • Our parking space on property is limited…(see map below)!!!

Where do I park?

If you are a young family or have accessibility and mobility issues, we encourage you to use our small parking lot, or the parking lot of the funeral home across the street. (See map). If you are able to park further away, you are welcome to park on the streets around the church, or in the parameter of the Metro parking lot (1 block north on Barrie & Brock)

We also have bike racks for use at the side of our building!

What does a service look like?

The service includes some music & singing, bible reading, and a message from one of our teaching team members. Between our two services, you can join us for Coffee & Conversation in the gym behind the sanctuary!

We have the exact same service at 9am & 11am and our services are about 75 minutes in length. Our 9am services tend to be a bit fuller than our later service due to Family and Youth Ministries happening elsewhere at the 9am in the church building.

What do I wear?

Anything you like! On Sunday you will see everything from jeans to suits… What you normally wear during the week, but feel free to dress up if you’d like! People dress casual…

Where do I go?

Ask a greeter! (A person with an orange lanyard)

Am I expected to give money?

If you are a guest, you are under no obligation to give! There will be an offering taken in the service for those who call Bethel home, and if you’d like to bless us, please do!