Teaching Ministry

The word Bethel means “House of God”. There is a story in the Old Testament (Genesis 28) that talks about a guy by the name of Jacob who encountered God and named the place Bethel. It was a unique place in Jacobs’s journey because it was the place God spoke to him in a very profound way.

At Bethel church we believe that God is present, personal and still speaks today. One of the primary ways God speaks to us today is through His word. His word is living and active (Hebrew 4:12) and is instrumental in drawing people to Christ, and growing them up in Christ. Like the words of a parent, God’s word can light up our path and instruct us in how to live in an increasingly complex world. We believe that Gods word is to be central in all our disciple making ministries. While at times in a Sunday morning context we are topical in our teaching style, the main teaching format is to work through biblical texts.

It is Bethel’s desire is to hear from God, thus our teaching team realizes that it is our job to help people understand and apply God’s word to their lives. Whether a student from one of the campuses in town, a senior citizen, a young parent, a teenager, or someone who is investigating issues of faith, it is our prayer that God’s Word will land powerfully in people’s hearts.   

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Current Sermon Series

Crucial Conversations 2020 Our annual series is back! 

These diverse yet important messages will help you engage in crucial conversations with a biblical posture. Join us!

To further the conversations, a weekly study & prayer guide will be posted in RightNow Media to use on your own or in your Life Group. Haven’t signed up for RNM yet? Head to our RightNow Media page.


Churches are often filled with happy songs and positive prayers, while our lives  are shaped by pain, loss, and suffering. We’re numbed by tragic headlines as we scroll through our phones. Overwhelmed by the constant cheapening of human worth, we are left with the nagging question: how can there really be a good and all-powerful God if my suffering and pain is so real? Does evil demonstrate God does not exist?

  • GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Daniel Gilman is an itinerant speaker with RZIM, and has a background in justice, politics, leadership development, and expositional preaching. Daniel is passionate about the Bible’s credibility, historical evidence for the resurrection, and how only the Christian God bears the marks of evil. 


As a lifelong church-goer, follower of Jesus, and former Christian recording artist, Alisa Childers experienced a period of profound doubt about her faith in her early thirties. She felt as though she had been tossed in a stormy ocean of uncertainty with no life jacket or lifeboat in sight. She says “I didn’t know where to find answers to my questions, or if answers existed at all. Did I have to accept it all on some kind of blind faith?“ Come hear Alisa share her journey from unreasoned doubt into vibrant, intellectually informed faith.

  • GUEST SPEAKER: Alisa Childers was part of CCM recording band ZOEgirl in the early 2000s. Today, Alisa is a speaker, podcaster, and worship artist in Spring Hill. TN. 


Did you know that one of the world’s leading pornography site draws 125 million visitors per day, and had roughly 5 million adult videos uploaded in a single year? That’s enough for 115 years of continual viewing. It can’t be denied; pornography is an epidemic. If you think the people sitting around you in church are unfazed or untouched by porn – think again. If something was attacking the church from the inside out, wouldn’t you want to know? This message will reveal the hard truth of pornography, and offer some starting points and hope for fighting this battle.

  • SPEAKERS: Pastor Mark Kotchapaw has been Bethel Church’s Senior Pastor since 2008, and his wife Rhonda Kotchapaw is involved in Prayer Ministry at Bethel.

SPECIAL EVENT | OVER 18 | Sunday, January 26, 4:00pm in the Upper Room

Over 18 is a Canadian documentary which highlights the dangers of online pornography and the impact it has on children, youth, and adults. It will discuss the effects on an individual, a family, and society as a whole. It will help to open up the conversation about pornography as well as offer solutions for those who are struggling, and educate those who would like to know more about this crucial growing issue. Everyone is invited to view this important film, followed by a time for questions and discussion. Run time is 1 hour; more event details will be available in January. (Please note: This documentary contains explicit language and is not recommended for children under 16.)