Teaching Ministry

The word Bethel means “House of God”. There is a story in the Old Testament (Genesis 28) that talks about a guy by the name of Jacob who encountered God and named the place Bethel. It was a unique place in Jacobs’s journey because it was the place God spoke to him in a very profound way.

At Bethel church we believe that God is present, personal and still speaks today. One of the primary ways God speaks to us today is through His word. His word is living and active (Hebrew 4:12) and is instrumental in drawing people to Christ, and growing them up in Christ. Like the words of a parent, God’s word can light up our path and instruct us in how to live in an increasingly complex world. We believe that Gods word is to be central in all our disciple making ministries. While at times in a Sunday morning context we are topical in our teaching style, the main teaching format is to work through biblical texts.

It is Bethel’s desire is to hear from God, thus our teaching team realizes that it is our job to help people understand and apply God’s word to their lives. Whether a student from one of the campuses in town, a senior citizen, a young parent, a teenager, or someone who is investigating issues of faith, it is our prayer that God’s Word will land powerfully in people’s hearts.