Vision Pathway

Bethel Church's vision is:
"Responding to the Heart of God; Transforming the Heart of the City, the Nation and the World."

This vision (which we acknowledge will grow and change with time) is at the center of our Vision Pathway, a bit like some sand surrounded by the four unchanging walls of the sandbox. These four walls are:

1. Mission

The Mission of the church is to love God passionately and serve others significantly.

2. Strategy

The above mission is accomplished by helping disciples:

  • Grow in Intimacy with God
  • Grow in Intimacy with Others
  • Grow in Acts of Service
  • 3. Values

  • Teamwork (‘we’ vs. ‘me’)
  • Excellence (not ‘so-so’ but ‘bravo’)
  • Authenticity (permission to speak freely)
  • Relevance (‘updated’ vs. ‘outdated‘)
  • Solidarity (being FOR people, being WITH people)
  • 4. The Marks of a Disciple

  • Diligently Seeking God
  • Biblically Measured
  • Prayerfully Engaged
  • Relationally Healthy
  • Fully Committed to the Whole Gospel for the Whole World