Gospel Vision, Pt 1
January 6, 2019

Gospel Vision, Pt 1

Passage: Luke 4:14-19

Today's service has three prayer components. Please refer to the sections below to help guide you through each time of prayer.

1. Personal Prayer

  • Ask the Lord to reveal to you what your giving practices reveal about the health of your heart?
  • Take some time to reflect on root issues that may cause you not to be generous. (Fear, greed, what is mine is mine, old patterns, pride, …)
  • Renounce any idols that prevent you from surrendering your treasures.
  • Pray for the church for wide spread generosity with treasures.
  • Acknowledge where God has grown you in this area.

2. Responsive Reading Prayer

Lord, I come to You realizing that I am a steward of what You have entrusted to me. I seek to be free from bondage and idolatry in this area of financial stewardship. On this day, I declare that the financial resources You have put in my hands  are for me to steward in a way that is in keeping with Your heart and priorities. I ask for strength to be free in this area, for Your truth to guide me and for Your Holy Spirit to empower me.  God, may You advance Your Gospel Vision as I pay and pray it forward! Amen!

3. Prayer for Bethel House, Constance Lake, and the refugee family (Pause the recording to give yourself time to pray.)

Constance Lake (First Nations)

  • Pray for unity in the three-way partnership of Constance Lake, Camp IAWAH and Bethel Church. Pray for financial provision to fund some of the program initiatives.
  • Pray for the leadership team as they serve the community this summer by serving the children, youth and families through a dynamic program and community involvement. July 7-20, 2019.
  • Pray that each leader and participant would grow personally through the challenge of service. Pray for people to come to Christ and grow in Christ.

Bethel Houses (Addictions)

  • Pray that those trapped in addiction would embrace the light, hope and life that Jesus provides.
  • Pray that these men would have the courage to walk free from the lies of addiction and allow Jesus Christ to soften and unlock their hearts.
  • Pray that they would see their value through Christ's eyes - that they are deeply loved and nothing in their past can prevent God's love from embracing them.

Refugee Family 

  • Pray for God's provision for Naveed and his family throughout the immigration process: practical steps, spiritual protection and encouragement in times of discouragement.
  • Pray for overflowing generosity of finances ($40.000), time investment, and relational engagement.
  • Pray for a smooth transition for each family member as they enter Canadian culture.
  • Thank God for our partnership in this initiative with Bay Park Baptist Church.

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